Excuse Me, Isn’t Weather Manipulation Dangerous?

A valid question, indeed. The prospect of controlling the weather in any sort of capacity can seem a bit “playing God” on the surface but consider the alternative; there is no disputing that the category 4 and 5 monster storm developments that reach populated landmasses are an undeniable threat. There really is no such science to support that the positives of these killer storms compare to the negatives (or even exist, period). These storms are simply a process of nature and are in place to cool our tropics and ocean waters the same way volcanic activity serves to release enormous amounts of pressure beneath the surface of our earth. However, it is clearly in our best interest to dispose of those particular storms forecast to devastate human life in a safe, non-nuclear fashion in favor of simply allowing the next development to accomplish the cooling of our waters with the likelihood that it would not follow the same projected pathway to our destruction.

How do we determine which ones are to be particularly harmful to humans, though?

I’m awfully pleased you asked. Previously detailed and cataloged storm data is archived with several agencies we will work closely with such as NOAA, NASA, and the National Hurricane Center. The way we forecast projected paths and intensities is nothing new but has been refined for improved accuracy and earlier prediction over the course of the past several decades. This allows us to estimate with incredible accuracy which potential storm developments pose a considerable threat and which ones should be allowed to run their course.

But HOW do we stop them, and what are the negative “side effects”?

Without publishing a long scientific journal to address this question, suffice it to say that we use a carefully calculated mixture of elements already present in our atmosphere at delivered with precise ratios, timing, and proximity to each other to produce an effective counter balance to the forces driving the storm’s development. From the ground up, the SIAD device was developed with these following figures in mind.

Additional related inquiries will be addressed in an upcoming FAQ entry and further detailed information will be available by request to parties interested in investing into this life-preserving technology.

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