2020 will have had the 6th consecutive Hurricane Season start before the “official” start of the season on June 1st of each year, an arbitrary date which has become virtually meaningless in recent years. Tropical storm Arthur currently threatens the state of North Carolina at the time of this writing – two weeks ahead of schedule.

Tropical Storm Arthur - Courtesy of NOAA
Tropical Storm Arthur – Courtesy of NOAA.

A growing environmental trend is the earlier start and later end to the Atlantic Hurricane Season means not only an opportunity for more storm activity but inversely, less time to recover and prepare for the next. Recent events have dramatically depleted resources and have left the majority of the economic world far less equipped to deal with the rapid and severe devastation of one of these storms.

Indeed, a number of circumstances have contributed to a potentially devastating hurricane season and we advise all of you to remain safe and prepared. The day will soon come that these disasters are no longer a threat to life and property in the capacity in which they are currently, but until that day it is up to each of us to protect our loved ones and ensure that we are as well-equipped as we can be to deal with these threats as necessary.

Our organization will continue to strive forward in defiance of any storm, virus, or otherwise which would impede us in our mission to protect our planet from the annual hurricane devastation.

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