A formidable hurricane season looms overhead this year, foreshadowed by an aggressive, record-breaking start. For the first time in history, a total of three named storms have formed before the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. At the time of writing this, Tropical Storm Cristobal threatens to gain strength during northbound travel across the gulf of Mexico before it reaches landfall along the gulf coast by late Sunday, June 6 – early Monday, June 7.

This lends credence to the urgency of our project. We have a great responsibility to this world to fulfill this obligation bestowed on us. In the midst of what can be described as one of the most chaotic years for humanity, in recent history, the last thing we need is a devastating hurricane season to cap things off but it would appear that this is the direction we are heading.

Tropical Storm Cristobal – Courtesy of NOAA.

The time for preventative action is upon us and we will endeavor to reach that pursuit by any means necessary in as small of a time-frame as can be achieved.

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