Tropical Storm Gonzalo is coming and bringing with it yet another broken record. Projected to be the first hurricane of the season but more formidably, the earliest 7th named storm of any season. This storm is currently on trek for the Windward Islands with many possible paths thereafter.

Gonzalo Tracker
image courtesy of Daily Express

It’s almost unfathomable; the idea that in the midst of a pandemic virus outbreak, many of us still face an entirely separate devastating threat but this hurricane season has proven to be very active thus far.

The ironic truth of the matter is that Tropical Storm Gonzalo would be a prime target for S.I.A.D. to eliminate giving us ample opportunity to pinpoint the exact space/time target before reaching populated landmass. Our organization continues to strive forward steadily in the midst of the rest of the world seemingly “collapsing” with our gaze affixed on ending the annual threat of the Hurricane season as mankind has more than enough on it’s proverbial “plate” to deal with.

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