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Hurricane Delta

As the year continues, chaos ensues by land and by sea; our oceans have produced yet more broken records and as we face 140mph wind gusts and a pair of storm bodies in our Gulf, potentially a category 5 Hurricane Delta threatens to take aim for Louisiana.

We hold out hope that the cooler waters towards the Louisiana coast diminish the storm but only time will tell whether or not that will be enough to spare the area from yet another disaster with potential to rival Hurricane Katrina of 2005. Meanwhile, the people of Mexico, South America, and the Yucatan Peninsula prepare for impact, boarding up windows and bracing dwellings; our thoughts and prayers are with them for protection. With nearly 8 weeks left in the hurricane season as of October 6th 2020 – what does this mean and what kind of records are being broken? Well for one, the annual record for the most storm activity was set in 2005 with 28 storms. Delta is number 25 and we are still looking at nearly two more months of activity – the likelihood of meeting or surpassing this number is plausible. One can reasonably infer that in only 15 short years, a previous season of record activity being surpassed would suggest that as time progresses, we may be able to predictably expect circumstances to continue intensifying more and more each year.

Our message has been consistent since long before the inception of our company: focusing on prevention is a better long-term solution than focusing on relief and recovery after the fact. As time passes, our population grows and our residential areas grow more dense. We build upward and onward in larger cities to account for this. Each year our structures and dwellings become more advanced and more at risk with each passing hurricane season. At StormWeapon Defense Systems, L.L.C., we propose an unconventional solution, but one that all but guarantees zero property damage and zero loss of life. We encourage you to view the attached video and see for yourself.

StormWeapon Defense Systems presents Project S.I.A.D. – Join us on the path to putting an end to the killer hurricanes that cause so much damage every year and the senseless loss of so much precious life.

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