It’s official. 2020 has been the most active hurricane season since we’ve started recording hurricane seasons. 30 depressions producing 29 named storms producing 12 hurricanes; 5 of which have been major hurricanes. With over 425 total fatalities at the time of writing this, we have absolutely seen more devastating seasons but the problem is that each and every one of those thirty tropical depressions has the potential to be come a majorly catastrophic hurricane, bringing with it untold damage and deaths as we’ve seen in the recent past.

A season like this is a prominent high point on a upward trend of storm activity. There are two very important points to take from this chart.

These spikes in activity that we’ve seen a mere 15 years apart are unprecedented. To put things into perspective, the record broken in 2005 was set in 1933 with 20 named storms. it took 72 years to break that record, and we even had 3 consecutive years in 2010-2012 that was just one shy at 19. Since that unreal 2005 season which absolutely obliterated any previous storm activity on record, it took a mere 15 years to top that record; not another 70 years, a mere 15. This creates the argument that we can anticipate activity and intensity to increase on a fairly regular pattern as time progresses.

Our organization is racing against this “clock” we’ve been afforded by Mother Nature. We are ever-approaching initial funding and when that day comes, our technology will not only bring forth unmatched advances in weather and climate science, but it will bring hope as well; comfort and peace in the hearts of those who suffer each year at the mercy of these monsters. Those are whom our endeavors are for.

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