NOAA Predicts Above Average 2022…

“Early preparation and understanding your risk is key to being hurricane resilient and climate-ready,” said Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo. “Throughout the hurricane season, NOAA experts will work around-the-clock to provide early and accurate forecasts and warnings that communities in the path of storms can depend on to stay informed.” 

Atlantic Hurricane Season outlook 2022
A graph and numbers representing the predicted Atlantic Hurricane season for 2022
Read the full press release here.

It is important to be prepared for natural disasters. Knowing what you can expect from weather systems is a large part of that preparedness. The work NOAA does to inform and prepare us for these events is vitally important. However, no matter what we know and what we do to prepare for the oncoming deluge brought by the torrential rains and strong winds of these deadly storms, we are all but helpless to defend ourselves and amass senseless losses of life and property damage each and every year.

It’s difficult to imagine the numbers. What if we put it into perspective so we can all understand. What if hurricanes were a major corporation? And each year, our country could expect to give that major corporation sum of money.

  • Microsoft Corporation – $168 billion
  • Amazon – $257 billion
  • Alphabet (Google) – $386 billion
  • 2005 – Hurricane Katrina – 1,833 deaths + $170 billion
  • 2017 – Hurricane Harvey – 89 deaths + $131 billion
  • 2017 – Hurricane Maria – 2,981 deaths + $94 billion
  • 2012 – Hurricane Sandy – 159 deaths + $74 billion
  • 2017 – Hurricane Irma – 97 deaths + $52.5 billion

But unlike a corporation, these deadly storms give us nothing in return. They destroy our homes and businesses, and worse of all they take our loved ones from us.

Hurricane Ida – 2021 – This is what 91 senseless deaths and $75 billion look like.

Just last year, Hurricane Ida caused $75 billion in damages and took 91 souls from this earth. Putting a stop to these massive hurricane killers means more funding for our schools, hospitals, parks, and billions of dollars saved in infrastructure repair and replacement.

It only takes a small fraction of that cost to prevent these storms from hitting our coastlines.

The worst part is, that we see them coming. We can predict when these storms are forming and we must use this information to our advantage. We are rarely surprised by these events, and we have the technology to stop them. Storm Weapon Defense Systems is poised to take these hurricanes by storm.

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