Hurricane Agatha 2022

Agatha is on record for being the most powerful storm to occur in May. With 11 dead and 22 missing, the impact of these disastrous storms cannot be understated.

Agatha development over 5 days…

We see these storms coming. Over 5 days we can see the oncoming storm develop into a category 2 hurricane. We collect this data and analyze it to provide people with advanced warning of an oncoming storm. However, many are unable to do anything in response to these warnings, if they receive them at all.

This is why there are 11 deaths and 22 missing people on the first official day of the 2022 hurricane season.

Advisories 1 through 15 show these hurricane and tropical storm wind swaths of Agatha.

It wasn’t until May 29th news stations and warnings were given to the people of Oaxaca despite NOAA reporting the tropical disturbance on May 24th with a 20% likelihood of development.

From the report…

” The genesis of Agatha was well anticipated. The pre-Agatha disturbance was first mentioned in the Tropical Weather Outlook on 24 May, with a low probability (20% or less) of development during the next 48 h. This was increased to a medium (30-50%) probability on 25 May. The probability of development was raised to the high (60% or higher) category on 27 May about 36 h before genesis. ”

Read the full report here

With all of the data, and forewarning we are still unable to prevent casualties and loss of property with our current approaches. Reporting needs to improve, urgency needs to heighten, and technology needs to be developed and combined to create preventative counter measures for these deadly weather events.

Storm Weapon Defense Systems is committed to developing these counter measures with project S.I.A.D.

To learn how you can be better prepared for a weather event please visit this link (Being Prepared for the Worst in a Time of Disaster)

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