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NBCNews.com reported today that President Joe Biden has speculated that hurricane Ian is responsible for “substantial loss of life” to the extent it could be considered the deadliest storm in Florida history.

Our hearts and prayers are out to the millions affected by this terrible storm and the winds brought with it. As we watch the event unfold in horror, we cannot help but be angry knowing there is more we can do to prevent these deadly storms from happening. With the right support from legislative bodies and their constituents it would be only a matter of time and funding to make these wicked weather events a thing of the past.

This Category 4 system, one of the most powerful in decades, made landfall near Cayo Costa just west of Fort Myers, according to this NBCNews report. The sheer magnitude of which can be scene in this timelapse of the hurricane pulling water out of Tampa Bay waterways.

As millions sit without power across Florida’s Gulf Coast, countless more are being evacuated by OCFire Rescue teams, seen here.

StormWeapon Defense systems are working hard to bring to humanity a solution to the problem of senseless death and damages to homes and businesses along our coastlines. If you are here and reading this, you too believe there is something that can and should be done to help humanity in this regard. Help by spreading the word of our purpose and mission. And please consider reaching out to your representatives to raise awareness at a political level of our cause and goal to stop weather events like these before they make landfall.

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