Our purpose

Hurricane Dorian’s eye – Image courtesy of – www.noaa.gov

Our vision, our purpose, our calling is saving lives and livelihoods. Each year, so many of us are affected by the ever-lengthening hurricane season; we lose our loved ones, our homes, our pets, our businesses, and our infrastructure. We then, each and every year, come together as a people to provide aid, support, and we give selflessly of ourselves for the benefit of others who endure nature’s wrath. All of you, the human race, as a whole; you are comprised of genuine, compassionate, goodhearted people. You are the reason that Project S.I.A.D. strives to protect you. Our good people are the reason we work diligently to have our voices heard so we can pave the way for the technology that will make a significant impact on the world measured in lives saved. Without you, the vision of Project StormWeapon would not exist and on that same token, we depend on you to help spread awareness of our cause.

It can be easy for us to adopt an attitude of “Let’s pray the hurricane misses us and goes elsewhere.” but imagine how much more effective would it be for all of us to adopt an attitude of “Let’s make the hurricane go away before it can hurt anyone.” As a united front, our voice will be heard, and Project S.I.A.D. will gain the momentum it needs to become reality. Help us spread our cause and let us give hope to all who have suffered the wrath of these killer hurricanes, and all those yet to come.